Our Mission

Our group's mission is to provide a support system for Lyme disease patients to

advocate for themselves, no matter their level of disability.

We do this by creating projects to participate in,  

coordinating marches and rallies,

promoting other Lyme disease groups' efforts, 

and helping first-time advocates find their way. 

Why we do what we do

We want to empower, encourage, and create change for the Lyme community by helping sufferers find their voice and provide a platform to use it.

We believe the testing, treating and coverage for Lyme needs to change desperately.

We know all too well the powerlessness and frustration felt by those suffering.
We want to give you that power back!

A note from our founder...

Having been in the medical field for over 10 years, I know there is misinformation being spread about Lyme Disease, but I didn’t always. It wasn't until I fell sick several years ago that I realized that Lyme patients have been ignored, misdiagnosed, or at times, treated very cruelly by the same system I was proud to be a part of. Every medical provider needs to be educated about this complex disease, so that doctors can properly diagnose and treat their patients. Patient advocacy is a crucial part of nursing, and I will continue to advocate for you and create change. But we are more effective as a team. Join me, be your own advocate, and advocate for others. Don’t know how? That is why I started this to help you find a way to speak out. Are the projects that I offer not your your thing? That’s ok! Contact me and tell me what is and I will reach out to my Lyme community contacts to find the group that fits with you. We all have gifts and talents, it’s not about me or this group alone,
but us working together that will create REAL CHANGE.

Stay strong warriors you have my heart and my prayers.
Rebecca Sidlaruk RN, MSN

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